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5 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed in 2016

shutterstock_390861265In 2016, digital marketing is all about finding just the right audience and keeping them engaged in your content. There are a number of ways to stay current with your digital marketing and to ensure that you keep up with your competition.

Using SEO Techniques

The way that SEO is performed has changed a lot over the years, but today it means writing both for search engines as well as readers. Using keywords in 2016 is done sparingly, and using related words is a great way to vary the language of your content.

Complex language and long, in-depth pages are what today’s search engines are looking for. Your content should cover plenty of information and not use the keyword so often that the page becomes repetitive and too simple.

Utilizing PPC Ads

When you use pay-per-click ads, you get highly targeted results. Only those people who are specifically interested in what you are advertising will click on your ad to be taken to your site. PPC ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your site and your business. You don’t pay unless someone clicks on the ad, so you’re paying only for the leads that your ads bring in.

Modern Web Design

The way that today’s websites are designed goes a long way toward their usefulness and their popularity. Sites must be adaptable to any device that they are viewed on. Without that adaptability, Google and other search engines will not rank your site as highly. It will also make it harder for your readers to use your site.

Vary the Way You Present Information

When you have the same type of content over and over again, you may lose some of your audience. Today’s websites use varied content such as videos, infographics, audio files, podcasting and blogging to add value to their websites and to contribute to their digital marketing.

No two pages of your website have to look the same. By using photos, charts and other ways to present your data, you can keep your site looking interesting and drawing in customers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be used on your website or on third-party sites like YouTube to bring people to your website. Video marketing is a type of digital marketing that allows you to grab a whole new audience and to attract younger people who are used to getting their information that way. It can also put a face on your business and let your customers get to know you. It’s a great way to personalize your company and to prevent your content in a new way.