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5 Tips To Consider When Setting Up a Dental Marketing Plan

shutterstock_151234010Although your focus is on dental medicine, you are in the business of dentistry. In order to ensure your success, you need a dental marketing plan. Because of the way technology is used today, most of your marketing efforts will be online. These five tips will make the online dental marketing plan that you set up much more successful.

1. Your website’s design must be mobile-ready

As your dental marketing plan is developed, you must keep your website’s design in mind. You need to be online in order to have marketing success, and your website is the foundation of your entire online presence. Instead of using desktops and laptops, most people use smartphones to access the web; if your website isn’t mobile-ready, then its interface on a smartphone will be slow and clunky. This will cause people who may be interested in working with your dental practice to leave and look elsewhere. Modern website designs allow a website to adapt to the screens and operating systems of both mobile devices and full-sized computers.

2. Focus on local SEO

If you are running a dental practice in New York, then attracting the attention of people in New Mexico won’t help you much. Fortunately, Google created local search results so that your dental practice not only appears higher on searches conducted near you, but it doesn’t have to compete with practices outside of your region. To this end, be sure to claim your practice on listing sites, ensure active patient reviews online and get your practice cited (mentioned) on other websites.

3. You must find ways to be helpful

One of the most important things that you understand is that people online don’t care about your dental practice. If you just try throwing ad copy in front of them, they will ignore it. It is up to you to make them care by building relationships. This can be done by providing helpful content, such as posts about important dental care steps and interesting dental facts.

4. Don’t overlook the power of advertising

Although pushy ads no longer work, this doesn’t mean advertising online has gone away. It has evolved. Instead of randomly distributed ads, you must send targeted PPC ads that engage specific people based on real data about them.

5. Find ways to use the web to make things easier for your current patients

While you’re building all of those relationships with new patient leads, it is important that you don’t forget about the relationships that you already have. You want the long-term relationships that you have already built with patients to grow even stronger, so elements of your dental marketing plan should focus on them as well. For instance, you can make it easier for patients to schedule appointments and pay bills by implementing an online bill pay and appointment system.

Is your dental marketing plan ready for success?

The five tips discussed in this article will help you prepare a dental marketing plan that will keep patients coming in.