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5 Tips to Help You SEO like a Pro

images-3Search engine optimization (SEO) is as much art as it is science. This immutable fact means that experience as well as technical savvy is needed to develop and implement a successful SEO marketing campaign. Still, there are some basics that everyone can understand. Here are just a few to help you get started:

Content is always king – The spiders at Google – and to some extent Microsoft – are getting ever better at spotting and eliminating spam so ensure that your content is relevant. This is not so much advice as a warning. Google will delist you in a heartbeat and that will be the end of your website – you will have the unenjoyable task of starting a new website from scratch.

Update on a regular basis – This advice means that you should be adding quality content to your site on a twice weekly basis – at the very least. It makes perfect sense – why would people return to your site for stale content that they have already read. The goal is to be recognized as a “thought leader” in your business niche. Admittedly, this process takes time but the effort is well worth it in the long run.

Relevant links are a most valuable asset – Simply put, there is no point in developing a massive number of unrelated links to your site. The webcrawlers are on to that game and now ignore them. However, relevant links are a completely different matter – the more of these that you have, the more reputable your site is perceived. It is definitely worthwhile to cultivate friends in the industry and help each other with links.

Create a blog – Pay attention as this tip can make of break your site. If your content on the site is not being updated on a regular basis – twice a week as we said – you must, must, must create a blog because search spiders look for original text. On average, you should add three blog posts per week. They do not have to be “industry altering” but they should provide some fresh, thought-provoking insights.

Have a call to action – This advice seems trivial but so many site owners see it as being overly pressurized. Let’s face it, though. This is marketing – at some point, you simply have to ask for the sale. That is where the call to action comes in. it should be short and sweet – right to the point if you know what we mean. With that thought in mind, here is ours.