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A Guide to Dental Website Design

shutterstock_256760878Introducing your dental services to the virtual world is an effective way to create brand awareness, which will help you stand out from the crowd of other dentists practicing within your community. Implementing a unique dental website design to greet visitors is the most effective way to create interest and intrigue among those who are looking for a new dentist to work with. The following dental website design tips and tricks should help you get the marketing results you’re looking for:

Make Use of Graphics

Visual appeal is an important aspect of any dental website design. Adding photos and graphics to each page within your website will help draw visitors in and keep them engaged as they learn about your service offerings. Including photos of clients after a teeth whitening session, incorporating visual statistical graphs, and embellishing titles and captions can all go a long way in impressing visitors to your dental website.

Incorporate Some SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is something you can’t afford to overlook when planning your dental website design. Google and other popular search engines use SEO to determine when and how to share your website with potential visitors, so it is something that requires research and commitment from day one. Determining what kinds of keywords and phrases potential clients are using to find dental information online is the first step in the process – you can then use your findings to create rich, dynamic portals of information that will attract visitors in droves. Tools like HubSpot can help you get the job done quickly.

Include Lots of Useful Content

Another important dental website design feature to consider including is a blog database. This will enable you to provide visitors about relevant information as it becomes available in the dental industry, as well as offer helpful tips and tricks that can be used by visitors for optimal dental healthcare at home The more value you website content offers, the more likely it will be shared through social media and other online outlets, gaining you lots of exposure that is sure to lead to new clients.

Introduce Video Recommendations

By introducing video recommendations into your dental website design, your visitors will gain some insight into how your current patients feels about the services you provide. Ask patients to provide short descriptions on camera about their experiences working with you and offer them a small discount on their next visit in exchange for letting you post their video on your website. Visitors to your website will likely gain comfort and feel safe in knowing that there are others out there who are satisfied with your services.

These dental website design tips and tricks should be easy to implement, especially if you decide to work with a professional designer that can implement all of the design aspects that you want to incorporate.