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Dental Website Design – 3 Must-Haves For Dentist Websites to Put Patients’ Minds At Ease

shutterstock_295675676It’s no secret that a great many people become very anxious at the thought of going to the dentist, and that putting their minds at ease is one of the most important elements in cultivating good patient relations. With good dental website design, this can begin before they even step foot in your office!

While a dental website needs plenty of ‘hard’ information on your services and your practice, it’s vital that this be conveyed in a way that’s as minimally stressful on visitors as possible. If they get anxious looking at your website, it’s going to be very difficult to convince them to show up for an appointment.

Dental website design which is patient-focused is almost inevitably going to bring more clients.

Three Dental Website Design Tips For Creating Relaxed Patients

1 – An Appealing Layout With Good Whitespace

Like your office, a dental website shouldn’t be cluttered or terribly imposing. Design the site’s layout so that there’s plenty of whitespace breaking up large chunks of text, so that exploring it doesn’t feel overwhelming to the patient. Likewise, pick relatively cheerful or calming colors for its color scheme, similar to those you probably already have in your office.

Mobile-friendliness is a must, since increasing numbers of people are using a smartphone or tablet as their primary web-browsing device. Also, consider implementing parallax design techniques, which cause the page to animate as the user scrolls downwards. This relatively fun method of web design is much more inviting to users, and can help make a dental site feel less scary.

2 – Videos and Illustrations

Along with text, be sure to have plenty of diagrams, illustrations, and videos showing what will be happening in procedures and other aspects of their visit. Infographics and videos are especially good, since they can convey a large amount of information in short, easily-digestible formats.

Likewise, both infographics and videos are also excellent for extended outreach, since they can be accessed through mediums aside from the website itself. For example, uploading your informative videos to YouTube can potentially increase your outreach through a different channel, while also enhancing the effectiveness of your website.

3 – Include Plenty of Testimonials

Every dental website is filled with pictures of smiling people. If possible, populate yours with actual patients coupled with actual comments from those patients, rather than using stock photos.

For one thing, many long-time web users now recognize common stock images. Also, testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for convincing potential patients that your office can be trusted. Seeing actual results from your work will help them overcome their fears and focus on how great their end result will be.

If a visitor gets the feeling your pictures are “fake,” that could easily translate into distrust for your business.

Good Dental Website Design Creates Happier Patients

The more relaxed and optimistic a patient is when they walk into your office, the better the chances that their procedures will go well. Smart website design can help ensure this happens!