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Digital Marketing Tricks For A Modern Business

shutterstock_312284000When it comes to digital marketing, many business owners and managers don’t know where to start. Marketing is the lifeblood of most modern businesses yet figuring out how to make a seamless transition from traditional outbound advertising to digital inbound marketing is challenging. Let’s take a look at a few helpful digital marketing tricks.

Create a great website

Your website is one of the most important elements of your marketing plan. A great website will set you apart from the competition and attract new patients. The following questions are important when it comes to website design:

  • Is your website easily discovered by search engines?  If not, it is vital to employ the services of a SEO firm to help optimize your website for relevant keywords.
  • Does your website make a good first impression? Is it interesting, professionally designed and easy to navigate?
  • Is your contact information visible?

Dabble in PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) allows businesses to market their products/services online and pay according to the number of people who actually click the ad(s). Though Google is the top player in PPC advertising, you’ll find it prudent to explore other PPC platforms. As an example, Bing PPC ad campaigns have generated fantastic results for businesses that target the baby boomer cohort.

Use Video

YouTube and marketing videos can be a very effective tool to market your practice. In fact, videos have become one of the most popular tools in online marketing. Videos are an affordable, powerful way to connect with your patients. They can be used to provide an introduction to your office, to showcase patient testimonials or to educate patients on the importance of regular dental care.