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Essential SEO Questions To Ask Before Hiring a SEO professional Or Agency

images-3Due to the many benefits of SEO many people have realized the need for SEO. It is because of this that SEO companies and services are gaining popularity day in day out. However, when choosing a search engine optimization specialist, there are a number of questions you need to ask him or her. It should be noted that with the increased demand for SEO services, a lot of people allege to know almost everything about SEO. Unfortunately in the recent times, Google’s algorithm has considerably and this left a lot of people in the dark as most of them were still using old methods and strategies that no longer work today. Therefore, in order to ensure that the individual you are about to hire is competent and knows what he or she is doing, the following are important questions you need to ask:

Do you use dynamic call tracking?

Dynamic call tracking is a very useful tool used for monitoring employee conversations as well as tracking patient conversation. The dynamic call tracking works in such a way that the phone number displayed on the website changes depending on how a visitor gets to the website. This helps in determining which advertising campaigns to use. It also helps in boosting your ROI because you are able to effectively target your advertising and marketing campaigns.

What are your returns on investment from your SEO efforts?

This is yet another very important question to ask the SEO agency you are about to hire. The agency staff and management need to know exactly what returns they are getting from the SEO services. A good SEO company should clearly state the kind of ROI they can help you achieve. If the employees of the agency have no idea about the returns then they are not professionals.

Do you guarantee rankings?

The purpose for SEO is to give your website rankings. Therefore, if the SEO agency or company does not guarantee rankings then do not hire them. Be wary of companies and individuals who promise rankings and fail to deliver. If a company is sure of what it is doing and it is competent in its operations, it should guarantee rankings for your site.

How many success stories and testimonials can they show you?

Success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers are the best proof any SEO company or professional can give his or her potential customers regarding the quality of their services. Testimonials and success stories indicate that the SEO professionals clearly understand their work. Go for a company or professional who is willing to give you success stories and testimonials from satisfied and happy clients.

Do you guest blog?

Blogging is an SEO strategy that helps in boosting rankings for your website. It is a great way of gaining links to your website. When you guest blog on a highly trusted site, those links will help in boosting your internet presence and is important to Google.

Do you do PPC as well as SEO?

It is important to point out that PPC and SEO complement each other and work best when combined. In order to boost rankings and draw traffic, both strategies should be used. Therefore, a good SEO professional should use both PPC and SEO strategies to boost traffic and enhance rankings for your site.