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Get the Online Edge With Dental SEO Techniques

shutterstock_347475314Whether your dental practice is well-established or newly opened, you want to get as many eyes on your business as possible. In the Internet age, this means online and off to make sure your dental practice is on track toward patient and revenue growth. While you may have spent money on traditional marketing, such as fliers and mailings to advertise your business, you also need to invest money on online marketing, including dental SEO.

Also known as search engine optimization, SEO encompasses online techniques, strategies and tools to put your website in front of your desired market when they search for relevant keywords or phrases in search engines. The goal for many businesses, if you utilize SEO effectively, is to land on the front page of search engine result pages for your target keywords, such as “best dentists in Los Angeles.”

But SEO isn’t as simple as putting a billboard up on the highway for everyone who drives by to see.

Here are the dental SEO techniques to try:

Create a user-friendly website

What makes a dental website user-friendly? First, users want a site that they can easily navigate and find information quickly. This starts with your site map, which lists the most important pages of your site. Pages on your site map should include your About Us, Contact Us and other relevant pages. Display links to these pages on your website’s top navigation buttons so users can jump to the most important pages fast.

Additionally, you want to have a navigation path in mind when designing your website. Which page should your users go to next after landing on a page they discovered on a search engine? You want to have links to related pages, such as a page to make an appointment or find out the hours of your practice.

Use specific keywords for dental SEO

Specific keywords, such as the example above with “best dentists in Los Angeles,” also help your target audience find your business more easily. When selecting keywords to describe your dental practice, use keywords that describe your location and services because this is what users will naturally search for. Use these keywords throughout your website content, including headlines and body text.

Consider pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising, also known as paid SEO, is when you bid on keywords so your website is displayed when someone searches for your targeted keywords. While PPC is often more expensive to get the word out there about your business compared to some SEO techniques, it may save you time to focus on other parts of your business while still growing traffic for your site.

Post useful and high quality content

Since your dental practice website is often ranked on search engine result pages by its usefulness and quality, you’ll want your website to be professional and informative at the same time.

Great dental SEO is a combination of many different aspects of online marketing so keep these techniques in mind when marketing your practice.