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How to Attract New Dental Patients With Online Dental Marketing

In the age of the internet, consumers turn to search engines and research companies, hire services and connect with new healthcare providers. If your dental practice is not showing up in search results, then you are missing out on a substantial number of new patients. Word of mouth referrals won’t be enough to keep you afloat in an increasingly competitive market. The key to making sure that your practice not only remains solvent, but is able to grow and thrive, is to create a strategic and comprehensive online dentist marketing plan. Simply paying for online advertising won’t be enough to make sure that the major search engines are indexing your website. You will need to create interesting and engaging content that is value driven. Here are just a few tools that can help strengthen your dental marketing plan.

1. Web Content

Part of creating effective content for your website involves understanding client behavior. You need to know what key terms consumers use to try and locate your services. Once you have an idea of what your particular audience is typing into search engine boxes when they go to look for dental services, you can optimize your web content. In the past, businesses have tried to stuff their content with keywords, but today this black hat strategy will result in penalties. The challenge is to organically incorporate keywords into well-written content that is informative.

2. Social Media

Yes, social media and dental care do go together. A strong social media presence can elevate your practice to a whole new level. There is no better way to connect with existing and potential clients and build a brand. Social media sites provide you with a prime opportunity to show some personality and try to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Developing profiles can help you seem more approachable and trustworthy. Best of all, the more people share, like and retweet the more exposure you enjoy and the more traction you will gain with major search engines.

3. Newsletters and Email Campaigns

Well-written and strategically designed email campaigns are an incredibly effective dental marketing tool. You can use emails to promote specials, offer discounts, introduce new staff members and much more. Once you have built a solid contact list, you can use it to grow your business and acquire new patients.

4. Create a Blog

The more valuable content you publish on the web, the more likely you are to show up on the first page of search results. Those coveted top ten spots perform exponentially better than businesses who are regulated to the second page. A blog provides the perfect platform to share information, build a loyal readership and earn links. Every time another writer links back to one of your posts or tweets a link to their followers, you gain a little more SEO link juice and firm up your web presence. Providing entertaining and informative articles on your website will also help build your authority and make you the go-to resource in your field. You can imagine how quickly readers will begin to translate into new patients.

Just as new technology has changed the field of dentistry, it has also changed the way businesses have to approach marketing. The majority of Americans turn to the internet for their information, which makes it vital that you have an online dental marketing plan that works to put your practice in front of potential customers. Any effective plan will employ a variety of strategies that include producing quality content that can easily be shared. Harnessing the power of the internet is essential to your continued success.