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Improve Dentist Marketing With High Quality, Frequent Blog Posts

images-3For dental practices, starting and operating a business blog can be a great incredible dentist marketing tool for your business. It can help bring in more patients, new patients that will add to your practice and add more revenue. An online blog provides value to your readers and is a digital presence that allows for more people to become aware of your business.

Companies that operate blogs and increase their blogging activity from 3-5 times a month to double that actually see their leads almost double. In addition, companies that have over two hundred blog articles can generate over five times the leads of a blog that has ten articles– or less. If your company increases the number of articles from under twenty to twenty to fifty, your traffic will likely grow by at least 45%.

Business blogs improve lead generation but are also great for SEO, or search engine optimization. Each blog post is its own web page. Thus, every post you make builds your presence and increases your footprint on the Internet, which means that Google and other search engines will have more to refer to those who are searching online. It all adds up to more individuals finding your blog, which means more traffic and more potential new customers! Creating great content that is useful to readers as well as very high quality will attract new prospects that can be turned into leads and trust in your practice. After all, you’re already providing them top-notch service and information, and they haven’t even come in yet! It’s a very flattering representation of your business and a great way to expand for those who are already practicing dentist marketing.

Once you understand the effect that your blog can have on your business’s marketing and overall success, you need to figure out some good topics to write about. The best content for blog posts is educational and caters to the individual. Providing content that is relevant to your business and provides value to your readers is going to be key in attracting new customers. Useful advertising is in, and annoying and irrelevant advertising is definitely on its way out. Make your posts about information they are likely to search for, and you’ll win a loyal following.

You know what they say: show, don’t tell. Show your customers that you provide value and know what you’re talking about by posting blogs they’ll be interested in. One blog post, for instance, could be “6 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Cause Cavities”. Since most people know that sugar causes cavities but aren’t informed too much on the topic, they’ll click to read more. Other topics could be “Top Toothpastes For Your Child” or “Signs You May Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth”. People absolutely love informative posts because they love learning and also can turn that knowledge into something that positively benefits their lives.

Seek to create high quality posts that create interest. When you provide value, people respond, and blog posts are a great opportunity to inform individuals and generate interest in your business at the same time. Use this information to help inspire you to create new blog posts and to connect to your readers by providing them with useful knowledge! They will appreciate it, and show their appreciation by supporting your business. Dentist marketing is so important and can create prospective customers from seeming thin air! Commit to creating desirable content and you will generate more positive patients and recommendations than you ever thought possible. Get started on your next blog post today!