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Pay-Per-Click advertising with Dentist Marketing Gurus is a reliable and rapid method for achieving front page placement on search engines like Google and Bing. As an AdWords certified company, the PPC management team at Dentist Marketing Gurus has handled millions of dollars in advertising budget spending for dentists and other businesses around the world. We are ready to design and develop your PPC advertising campaigns, optimize your advertisements, create customized ad text and provide your dentist office with the benefits of an effectively optimized PPC campaign.


The term “Search Engine Marketing” is used when describing ads placed directly on search engine results pages. Google Adwords is the largest provider of these paid ads, and the Bing Ad Network is another smaller provider. For dentists, pay-per-click marketing may be more effective when paired with organic search engine optimization, as PPC is rapidly paced while SEO is more of a long-term effort. Advertising with Google and Bing generates instant online visibility on the front page of search results for keywords that are proven to bring potential patients to your website. A carefully managed PPC advertising campaign with Dentist Marketing Gurus will drive your PPC ads to the top of search engine results by regularly improving your strategy with applied Google analytics data research.


instant visibility and traffic

home-partnerFor sustained success in the long-term, organic SEO is critical, but pay-per-click marketing may be a better initial fit for your dentist’s office if you are launching a new site or are interested in a multifaceted approach to your online marketing campaigns. SEO is a complex process and we recommend PPC advertising to restaurant owners needing rapid visibility and traffic to their website for valuable keywords.

Dentist Marketing Gurus employs Google Adwords Certified specialists possessing the experience and drive to effectively manage any dentist’s pay-per-click marketing campaigns. We use precise keyword research and implement proven optimization strategies to guarantee the most valuable keyword targets for your ad campaigns. We will monitor your ads and spending, you never have to worry about suddenly depleting your budget. A diverse and closely monitored bid strategy will push your ads to better positions on desirable search results pages. Our PPC campaign development strategies totally analyze and construct each facet of your pay-per-click advertising campaign, setting measurable goals to help bring new patients into your dentist office.