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  • Keyword Research: With Google Analytics and precise keyword tools, we apply more than 10 years of SEO experience to discover your most valuable keyword targets.
  • On-Page SEO: With more than 100 on-page SEO factors on our checklist you can be sure we will thoroughly and methodically improve your website’s search-friendliness.
  • Off-Page SEO: Original content creation and distribution, customer outreach and ongoing structured citation placement in relevant and reliable listings will improve your website’s relevance and authority to search engines.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Each dentist website is developed with a precise content strategy to encourage potential patients to call or visit your dentist’s office while improving search rankings.
  • Analytics & Reporting: With Google Analytics-certified professionals on staff, Dentist Marketing Gurus is ready and experienced in bringing the power of customized ranking reports, Google Analytics data and ongoing search strategy improvements to your dentist office. Get a rankings report each month and keep track of progress.


Your Rankings Matter

Dentist Marketing Gurus possess a dynamic skillset that has led us to a shining history of success in organic search engine optimization for dentists and other businesses. It is our reputation to regularly achieve first page rankings for dentist websites across the nation. Online marketing is a competitive environment for dentists, and if your dentist website does not appear on the front of search engine results pages, your online success will be minimal at best. Traditionally, most businesses, including dentist offices, attracted new clients with word-of-mouth references and good reviews in magazines or newspapers. Now that reviews are more readily found on search engines, and word-of-mouth has evolved into social media, your website’s visibility to potential clients is critical to your dentist office’s long-term growth potential. Unless your potential patients can find you easily in an online search, what good is your website? Without proper keyword research, you can not know how customers are finding you online. There are many questions that need answers if you aim to construct a comprehensive SEO campaign for your dentist office.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Organic search engine optimization for dentists is a dynamic process that starts with total understanding of your goals as a dentist. Our SEO experts will learn what your focus is, and do precise keyword research to determine how people are finding dentist offices like yours online. We want you to rank organically for keywords that bring new patients into your office. When we achieve rankings for the keywords that people are using to find dentists, your website will improve its online presence measurably, and your dental office will experience the benefit.

the importance of working with a reputable seo firm

Not all SEO strategies are created equal, though. Some SEO operations are certainly of the “fly-by-night” variety, without the resources or intentions to even begin to address every aspect of a dentist’s digital marketing needs. Some SEO service providers are even willing to utilize potentially dangerous tactics that can cause search engine penalties. This is disappointing to those of us working hard to create positive growth for our clients, but it must be addressed. Dentist Marketing Gurus utilizes SEO strategies that are tested, and shown to be safe and effective for methodically improving your dentist office’s organic search rankings across the most relevant keywords for your industry. It is our responsibility to bring the positive benefits of organic SEO to dentists nationwide.

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) are built on complex algorithms that use a multitude of ranking factors to determine search engine results pages. The SEO industry as a whole has observed and tested around 200 of those factors, but there are many more that we do not have access to. The only people who truly understand search algorithms are those who create and update them. SEO experts are constantly researching and testing to reliably discover as many search ranking factors as possible. With Dentist Marketing Gurus, our experience and dedication only reinforce the powerful results we bring to clients nationwide.

a well-rounded approach to digital marketing

However, attaining exceptional rankings on search engine results does not guarantee new patients for your dentist office. While great search visibility is critical to sustained success, it is only a single facet of a multifaceted strategy. There are myriad elements that work together to form a functional and adaptive strategy for online marketing. A search-friendly website, informative and creative content, and a well-implemented and monitored pay-per-click advertising campaign will all cooperate to achieve new levels of success for your dentist office. It is our dynamic approach to SEO that provides your dentist office the opportunity to convert site visitors into patients.