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The Top 10 Don’ts of Digital Marketing

shutterstock_371175677Digital marketing is the increasingly popular method of marketing in which you use online strategies to market your business. Many businesses find success with this way of marketing because it offers a much higher ROI than more traditional marketing and advertising methods do.

As with any strategy for marketing, whether it’s traditional or digital, you’re only going to see good results if you’re doing it right. To find success in digital marketing, make sure that you’re not guilty of any of these huge digital don’ts.




1. Ignoring mobile marketing.

The percentage of internet users that access the web from their phones and tablets as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer continues to grow and you’re only hurting your business if you’re not paying attention to mobile marketing. Whether you implement calling ads or ensure that your content is mobile-optimized, you need to be mobile friendly.

2. Failing to use a mobile responsive website design.

Piggybacking off of the previous point, your website design absolutely needs to be mobile responsive, meaning that it adapts to a smaller mobile screen. This hurts your business in two ways: people will immediately leave your site and it hurts your ranking in Google searches.

3. Not paying attention to SEO updates.

The rules and regulations of search engine optimization are always changing and Google and other search engines are always updating their algorithms. To continue to rank well, you need to keep up with these updates.

4. Neglecting to take advantage of video.

Your customers want to see the behind-the-scenes of your business. Use video marketing to connect with current and potential customers in ways that have never been possible before.

5. Disregarding stats and analytics.

If you’re not paying attention to your analytics, then you have absolutely no idea if any of your digital marketing tactics are working or how well. This doesn’t need to be a daily task, but they’re extremely important statistics.

6. Wasting money on platforms that aren’t generating revenue.

Many business owners are excited about the potential that digital marketing offers and opt to be on every single platform available to them. Don’t waste your time and money on platforms that don’t work for your business and aren’t generating revenue.

7. Not optimizing content.

Your website and blog content should always be optimized for search with relevant keywords to your industry.

8. Forgetting to include calls to action.

Tell your customers exactly what you want them to do by always offering a call to action at the end of every webpage. Send them to your product or contact page, but give clear instructions for their next steps.

9. Failing to measure, review, and adapt.

How will you know if your digital marketing strategy is working if you don’t regularly go through to measure results, review your progress, and adapt your strategy? You won’t.

10. Focusing on all of the wrong metrics.

Traffic can seem like an exciting metric to increase, but what does all of that traffic mean if nobody is buying from you? Instead, you should be focusing on conversions and the metrics that are actually building your business.