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  1. imagesFor many people, going to the dentist can be a traumatizing event, which is why it is important to ease prospective patients nerved by designing  a site that makes your customers feel like they are going to get a personal service from your dental office. When designing a website for your dental practice it is important to keep this human element in mind. Your dental marketing should make people feel like they are going to a place where they will be treated like family. Including photos of the dentists and staff on the webpage is a great way to give the site a more familiar feeling. You could also include a brief biography about each member of the team which might include each person’s hobby or where they are from, something which will help them breakdown the barrier between staff and patient. Sometimes dentists design their websites thinking that because the site is for a medical purpose, it needs to be cold and exact. In truth, people see these types of web pages that look like they are very formal and they don’t get a good feeling towards the prospect of having dental care done in them. When you design your site, sit back and ask yourself if this looks like the site of a dentist’s office where you would want to get treated, if the answer is no for you, then it is probably going to be no for other potential clients.
  2. Start a section of the page where clients can share their experiences, post photos or just chat about current events. Dentist marketing must do everything possible to get people active in the dental community. Pages where fellow patients can post messages about their dental work, or whatever else they might want to chat about, are great ideas for part of a dental web design. People may be drawn to these pages because they see someone has left a post about a dental issue that they themselves have. By opening up these types of talking formats, you really invite people to get proactive about their oral health. You will notice that parents especially are frequent users of dental site social pages, because parents always have a few questions about their children’s oral health. Forward thinking dentist will even have contest on their websites which award a gift certificate or a a free dental cleaning to the user who writes the most interesting story about the first time the lost a tooth. You can make the page as fun and creative as you want.
  3. Design your page so that possible patients can see the clinics calendar and reserve their own appointments. Leaving the doctor’s schedule on the website is a new idea that has many people excited. People who are already patients at the clinic just sign into the site and mark their own appointment. An email is automatically sent to them the day before they are supposed to come in. It makes getting a dental appointment even easier than it already is.